• 2017The Group becomes ODDO BHF.
  • 2016Acquisition of BHF-Bank
  • 2015Acquisition of Meriten Investment Management
  • 2014Acquisition of Close Brothers Seydler
  • 2013Opening to the capital to all teams
  • 2012Opening of Oddo Services Switzerland
  • 2011Opening of Oddo Services Luxembourg
  • 2011Acquisition of Banque d'Orsay
  • 2010Acquisition of Banque d’Orsay and Banque Robeco
  • 2010Acquisition of Banque Robeco
  • 2009Launch of Oddo Research Institute in Tunis
    Link-up with Partanéa
  • 2006Creation of Oddo Metals
  • 2005Acquisition of Cyril Finance (asset management)
  • 2004Acquisition of Crédit Lyonnais‘ European equity broking activities
  • 2003Acquisition of NFMDA (private banking)
    Creation of Génération Vie as a joint venture with Allianz
  • 2000Acquisition of Pinatton (brokerage, corporate finance)
  • 1997Acquisition of Delahaye Finance (private banking)
  • 1987Philippe Oddo, Managing Partner
  • 1984Pascal Oddo, Managing Partner
  • 1971Bernard Oddo, great grandson of Camille Gautier, broker
  • 1849Camille Gautier, broker